Make your own lightweight snake hook for under $5.

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Here is a snake hook that I made from a camping fork. It's a light-duty hook but it holds a 7ft Burmese Python with little flex. It's simple to make and dirt-cheap. Overall length is 36 inches.


I started out with a "Camp Fork" made by Ozark Trail that I purchased from Wal-Mart for about $3.50.



I used a Dremel tool with a fiber-reinforced cutoff wheel to cut one side of the fork off. A hacksaw will do the trick, too.


After cutting off one side, I bent the remaining part of the fork to form the hook. I did this by hand but you could use a short piece of pipe for more leverage, a vice, etc...

It's important to note that you need to pay attention to the bend that is being formed at the point of the yellow mark in the photo. This is the forming of the "U" in the hook. Depending on the size of the snake you will be using the hook for, you can make a big radius or a small one, or even a 45-degree angle. The choice is yours.


Use a file to remove any burrs from where you cut off part of the fork. Also dull the point on the remaining end because it's fairly sharp. I used my Dremel tool to grind more of a gradual slope on the end, making it easier to get under a snake's belly. This could also be done with a grinder or file.



Ta-da! Now you have yourself a hillbilly snake hook for under 5 bucks and less than 30 minutes time.

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Last updated on July 4, 2007